Ask-A-Speechie, July

Ask-A-Speechie, July

Ask a Speechie, 26/07/18

A big thank you to all the Mummies (and one Daddy!) at our July Q&A session. The coffee was terrible, but the conversation was great!

Some of the questions you asked:

  • My older child has some speech problems and now my younger child is doing the same thing. Are they copying?
  • My daughter keeps pushing the other kids at ballet! Why?
  • What books should I get for my six year old? What about her little brother?
  • What are the signs of a stutter?
  • I know my son can say “k”, so why is he still saying “tat” for “cat”?


Do you have questions you need answered? Get in touch to ask about our next Ask a Speechie event.  Bookings are not essential, but are recommended to be certain that you get the information you need in the available time.

A reminder: Ask a Speechie is only for general advice only, not for diagnosis or treatment of your child’s particular issues.

So: “Are my child’s speech sounds okay for a four year old?” is NOT a question I can answer. But “What speech sounds should a four year old be able to make?” is just fine.

You can make a booking here, email me on or call me on 0431 127 951. I look forward to seeing you at our next event!

Ask-A-Speechie, July

  • July 26

    Your questions answered by a speech pathologist.

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