Ask-A-Speechie, November (Speech Pathology Q&A)

Ask-A-Speechie, November (Speech Pathology Q&A)

How can I help my baby learn words?

Why won’t my baby play with me?

How much should my toddler be talking?

Do you have questions you need answered?

On November 5th, Fletcher Play Group will be hosting Speech Pathologist Amy Lister to offer information and resources about speech and language development, play skills and speech pathology as a profession. The playgroup’s information can be found at If you have an area of interest that you’re hoping to discuss, please contact Talkabout to let Amy know.

A reminder: Ask a Speechie is only for general advice only, not for diagnosis or treatment of your child’s particular issues.

So: “Are my child’s speech sounds okay for a four year old?” is NOT a question for this event. But “What speech sounds should a four year old be able to make?” is just fine.

If you have questions specific to your child, please contact us, give Amy a call on 04311 27 951 or email her at

Event Information

  • November 05

Price - Free!